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Finding myself on Spiritual path and journey, I write on philosophical, supernatural, metaphysical and spiritual concepts and theories, historical enigmas and conspiracy theories. Currently, I am writing a saga on Spiritual Awakening; The Legends of the Lockstones and read about my journey in ‘The Journal of a Rebel Earth Angel.’

Based wherever I am guided to, I help mentor those who are awakening with spiritual coaching. I am claircognizant and a psychic sensitive, which means I intuitively know things. I read souls; I can see soul ages, what blocks there are, what stage the soul is at in this incarnation and how the soul is evolving using a combination of divination tools including channeling.

Knowledge leads to understanding. Understanding leads to clarity. Clarity leads to awareness.

Please visit my blogs for my latest musings:

Visionary Musings; My blog of channeled messages, spiritual theories and concepts.

The Soul Expedition; Theories on what the Soul is and how it evolves.

The Musings of Theodore Alvin; My personal thought provoking philosophies in life from my analytical observations of life.

The Nomadic Philosopher; My journey from a philosophical point of view.

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