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Pyramid Peaks of Potential

Pyramids of potential peaks are based on Pythagoras calculations calculated from your date of birth. Spiritually we choose the date, time and place of birth for reasons we have yet to discover. Perhaps we decide we needed to learn to combat jealousy and incarnate as a Scorpio star sign to learn to deal with the tendencies, but with a Taurus moon that can ground you with an ascendant of Pisces where you can appear laid back. It’s possible we choose to learn certain lessons and have them built in so we have to face those challenges. I have found evidence of this with repeating peak numbers, highlighting a soul purpose lesson where souls choose specific lessons to prepare them to move onto the next soul stage.

Using numerology we can determine the major peaks of potential during an incarnation. Each period of nine years culminates in the start of a new phase. The peaks represent a time of potential, that is not to say sit back and let things happen, but a time when factors will be on your side. It’s like fate showing you a door, but you still have to see and open the door then walk through it. Each peak has a different soul goal and by analyzing them you may recognize patterns and signs that can help you focus on what your soul purpose is. The in between years can also be determined, recognizing the preparation for the forthcoming peak or blocks you encounter that can be uncomfortable and disorientating. Understanding them can help you focus on what you need to let go of or what to channel your energies into.

With the distractions of the modern world, many remain ‘asleep’ longer than anticipated and signs are missed due to the hectic nature of ‘life’. Only in hindsight do we see the opportunities missed or ignored due to apathy or material distractions, thinking they will reappear when the time is right. There is no such thing as ‘the right time’ and a window of opportunity may reappear, but not necessarily when you want.

Analyzing the peaks of potential, you can prepare for your next peak and see what lessons you had planned. In previous peaks you can look back and see what events shaped who you are now and how they fit into your life. There are no guarantees, think of of it as the path being cleared for you knowing that you can maximize your potential during the 13 – 18 month period of a peak. It is important to remember although the path may be clear, you still decide what to do on that path, things will not just happen but it’s an optimum period to take action. Just as we choose exit points, we have potential peaks to aid us on our destined soul challenges; knowing them gives you a head start and acknowledges that you recognize your soul is evolving.

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