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Sample Soul Purpose Reading

Jennifer Aniston 02/11/1969

Ruling number 11

The ruling number 11 is one of the highly spiritual numbers that governs the soul destiny and purpose. It represents an incarnation that focuses on the spiritual side on the physical plane. Rather than automatically accept spiritual matters, this person needs to be convinced and see it for themselves. The 11 isn’t necessarily skeptical, but opinionated and has potential to be broad minded. This can be scary for them as they think they are right; opening up to spirituality is accepting people for their different beliefs and not judging them and learning to listen to others. Learning to see clearly and listening not just hearing is an important lesson for them. They may find what they are looking for when they aren’t trying. Relaxation and meditation are important and many pursue a creative path because they feel trapped and unable to evolve. They are great communicators and once they see, believe and trust, doors will open in all areas of their lives.

1st peak number 4, aged 25 in 1994

This is a phase of stability, where material things matter, how you look, social status and where you live. During this period there is more responsible for any actions taken and the gradual realization of the cost of freedom makes you adapt to adult life. You may have been bored and discontented with some of the things you had to deal with, but they were important for you to experience to prepare you for dealing with events later in life.

She began shooting ‘Friend’s in 1994 and became stable financially and in her career. Her status and looks became a part of media culture.

2nd peak number 9, aged 34 in 2003

This peak indicates a change in lifestyle, career, relationship or location.

The number 9 is symbolic of the ending of a phase and the start of a new one, it was a time when you were ahead of your peers which made you feel confident and gave you the courage to try new ventures! You feel the need for change and prepare yourself mentally for the future.

‘Friends’ was coming to an end and her film career took off as she tried to move away from the image of her character. It is possible her marriage was coming to an end as she had to choose between family and a film career.

3rd peak number 4 aged, 43 in 2012

The repetition of the peak number 4 indicates an important lesson for the soul and is repeated to ensure that the lesson is achieved. This is another period of stability, but more emotional and mental where experience helps you to decide what to focus on and what is superficial. You accept that freedom comes at a cost, but you now know how to deal with this and you are becoming mature in your outlook and taking control.

She got engaged in and bought a new home. She took control of her image as her confidence grew as she focused on what made her feel comfortable.

4th peak number 9, aged 52 in 2021

The repetition of the number 9 peak indicates the end of another phase of life. It is a time to reevaluate what works in life and what needs to change. It is a time people will seek advice from you due to your experience and you will facilitate meeting and help groups with your common goals. A change of location is possible or extended travel, new people will come into your life and a new vocation or variation on what you have worked on may arise.

Currently in personal year 2 a peaceful year of spiritual growth and a time to mentally focus on the last peak. It is wise to continue what began in the period and develop what was begun rather than start new projects.

Soul purpose lessons

The repetition of the peak numbers 4 and 9 indicate specific lessons that the Soul had chosen to learn. The pattern of experiencing stability, then having to adapt to a new phase indicates that the soul should not take stability or material matters for granted and how to be more aware and balance stability with change. It also focuses on choices, where choosing material over personal inner balance cannot guarantee stability. The lessons and experiences force you to look within and evaluate what is important and that your actions can affect others and you must take responsibility for the outcome. This is an incarnation of balance which would indicate an initial Mature Soul stage.

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