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I’ve never been one to use testimonials, but I did a number of readings in exchange for feedback for members of a spiritual community, some who have gifts of their own. It was their feedback that encouraged me to continue with my readings

“This was absolutely amazing, how do you do it:)…Spot on about my first three peaks. I can relate to everything you said. You have been very generous with your gift and must trust this new method of reading:)

Re. the third peak, which I just experienced, I wish I had heard all this when I was going through the pain, betrayal and learnt humility etc. Where were you then:)

The peaks you have identified followed as a culmination and a period of assimilating past lessons, a coming to terms and finding peace, acceptance and a calm joy.

Thanks also for explaining your insights. Your reading was very accurate for each of the peaks. Thanks for helping me see the patterns. From a grateful Sagittarian:)”


“All of it resonates with me (obviously apart from 4th peak in the future, but great info to know)…. It was a great reading and I am very thankful to you for the great insight and information.”


“…the peaks were very accurate for very specific events in my life to face a very intense life lesson… thanks a bunch for this. Kind of neat to see your life laid out like that..

What is interesting is that very specific things happened for me on the exact year you listed so I find it interesting that this is common among us all to have peaks at these ages. Like I said before the reading was very accurate but there is a deeper level going on as well that actually ties the peaks and lessons for me that was hinted at in the reading… whatever you are doing is pretty spot on… but everything you said definitely rings true…. what you say about my ruling number makes perfect sense.

Here is what I find really interesting with the reading. You talk about a learning for each peak and they were there but for me each peak seems to coincide exactly with a major health issue that became a trigger for my big challenge… Overall though I think you are totally spot on about what I am learning… And I truly appreciate you saying this because there has been a part of me that feels like I have been messing things up. I have worked really hard on the general lessons you talked about through my whole life…”


“The second peak coincided with me meeting my husband…the time with him has been a time of tremendous growth…”


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