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Life can be complicated; sometimes we need a little extra help and guidance. Realizing and understanding the Soul is eternal and our physical bodies are transitory is the first step, so it makes sense to nurture, protect and allow the soul to evolve. Of course we should take care of our physical bodies, but how many of us take as much care with our soul? Understanding our soul and what lessons or challenges it has chosen to learn is part of the journey. To ensure we fulfill our lessons we have built in periods that puts us on that path in case we get diverted with distractions.

Combining numerology and astrological charts provides a more accurate personal Soul reading. Cross referencing the two, in conjunction with reading the Soul and channeling the Higher Self, a picture of the soul can be formed. This highlights the Soul Purpose, lessons and what stage the Soul is at.

The peaks of potential, are calculated from the birth date which pinpoints periods when an opportunity arises and there is a choice to take advantage of it or not. By analyzing the peaks we can establish the important lessons and patterns where we use what we have learned from one peak to the next. It also means we can prepare for the next peak and be aware of what we need to focus on and where energies should be concentrated.

After each reading I follow up with a spiritual coaching session to clarify points and issues raised.

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A full soul purpose reading @$80.00 includes;

  1. Calculation and interpretation of all four major peaks of potential.
  2. Analyzes the current soul stage.
  3. Overview of the main soul goals.
  4. Follow up Spiritual coaching session.

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